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Welcome to the Kai Ying Tung Academy of T'ai Chi Ch'uan...                                                                Practice... Traene... Practiquer... Practicare... Trana... Harjoittele...

A Tradition Of Excellence In The Art Of T'ai Chi Ch'uan


Master Kai Ying Tung
Academy of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Tai Chi Forms


Tung's Fast T'ai Chi Ch'uan

  1. Yu Pei Shih - Preparatory Position
  2. T'ai Chi Ch'i Shih - T'ai Chi Chuan Starting Movement
  3. Lan Ch'ieh I - Grasp And Tuck In The Gown (Fast)
  4. Tan Pien - Single Whip (Fast/Slow with Style Alteration)
  5. Ho Chin - Closing Energy (Slow)
  6. Hsien Ho Chang Ch'ih - Divine Crane Spreads Its Wings (Slow)
  7. T'o P'ip'a - Holding The Pipa (Slow)
  8. Ch'uan P'ip'a - Turning The Pipa (Slow)
  9. Lieh Chang - Splitting Palm (Fast)
  10. T'iao Pu Pan Lan Ch'ui - Jumping And Punch Down (Fast)
  11. Lien Huan YŁan Feng Pi - Circle And Seal Continuously (Fast)
  12. Pao Hu Hui Shan Tung - Leopard And Tiger Return To The Caves (Fast)
  13. Ts'o Chang Po Chi Shi - Winnowing Movement (Fast))
  14. Chih T'ui Shan Chan - Dodging Forward And Backward (Slow)
  15. Ta P'eng T'eng K'ung - Big Roc Elevates In The Air (Slow)
  16. Chuang Lei Ch'ui - Punch Ribs With Hammer (Fast)
  17. Pai YŁan Shan Shen - White Ape Dodges Away (Fast)
  18. Feng Huang Hsieh Chan Ch'ih - Phoenix Spreads Its Wings Slantingly (Fast)
  19. Pan Lan Ch'ui - Grab And Punch (Fast)
  20. Fan Shen Pan An Ch'ui - Turn Back And Press With Fist (Fast)
  21. Chin Pu Lan Ts'o I - Step Forward, Grab And Repress The Gown (Fast)
  22. Lien Huan Shih - Continual Movement (Slow)
  23. Tiao Shou - Circling Up (Slow/Fast)
  24. Ts'o Shan Yu Pi - Dodge To The Left, Evade To The Right (Slow/Fast Sweeps)
  25. T'an Ma Shih - Pat On Horse (Fast)
  26. Ying Hsiung Tu Li - Hero Stands On One Leg (Fast)
  27. T'eng Shen Fa - Jump Backward (Fast)
  28. Liao Chang - Raising Hand (Fast)
  29. Feng Huan Ch'ao - Phoenix Returns To Nest (Fast)
  30. Tai Chi Huan YŁan - Tai Chi Chuan Ending Movement


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